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"A superb program"


Conversion Calculator Pro v.S5.2 is a powerful tool for converting and calculating just about anything. It's the result of eight years' improvement, from a simple unit converter in '93 to the best in its field in the new century. It also has a sense of humour.


What it does

* Converts all Imperial/Metric/US units including Length, Mass, Area, Volume/Capacity, Velocity, Energy, Power, Pressure, Flow. Units are combined and converted to ALL possible counterparts.

* Database of all world currencies with ISO codes and conversion rates. Auto home currency adjustment. Currency basket of ten chosen currencies, converts combinations to ALL chosen currencies. Currency updates published regularly on this page. Also possible to import rates direct from the Internet. Old European currencies tied to Euro.

* Calculates Number formats, VAT, Temperature, Fractions, Area, Surface area, Volume, Compound Interest, BMI, Time Management, Fuel consumption, Fractions, Integer/Hex/Binary/ASCII convertions..

* Imports and exports values to and from other programs. Exports lists to printer.

* Programmable option. If you can write in OPL you can use the source file 'clothes.opl' to access the main program.

* User defined section for registered users.

New for Version 2

*Time management program
- keep track of multiple jobs and save to a database

Binary conversion
- adds to Integer/Hex/ASCII converter

BMI calculator
- if you're overweight, watch out. This calculates BMR and BMI

Clothing tables
- by popular demand. No calculations, but tables of all types of clothes sizes

One-click installation
Connect your Psion to the computer, open the zip file, and one click installs shareware to first time users, and upgrades registered programs keeping all settings intact.( If you're an old enough hand to remember trying to install games on an Amstrad, you'll know why I think this is so cool!)

Euro-friendly conversions
- with the death of the old European currencies, you can't change their rates, but you might still want to refer to them for reference. This is catered for.
Also when you change one country's Euro, all get changed. Likewise Dollars etc.

Automatic Home Currency adjustment
- Changing your home currency is now a breeze.

This is a serious program for professional use, but much of the original humour is retained, with some new surprises! See comments below.

Intuitive and fast, it's a major improvement on the Series 3 version, using all the advantages of the updated OPL programming language. Eight years of feedback ensures useful conversions and complete accuracy.

What You Said:

  • I love your conversion calculator. I work for a swiss company that makes machinery. I am an electronic technician that installs the electric/electronic part of the machine. We also have mechanics that install the machine. The machines are designed in metric. These mechanics need to know how many cfm's of air for the American pipefitters to make. The machines are in metric liters per second. Well the mechanics blow a mind fuse when they have to convert the values. They will call me to convert metric items. Brilliant program! - Robert A. West

  • Yours is the most outstanding utility program I have met in over three months of net surfing for Psion software. - Paolo Esini

  • I encountered the message "Roy, you're being childish" on Convert last night. A programer with a sense of humour eh! It took me several hours to stop chuckling about you anticipating this sort of entry - I've said to you before the program is well worth the registration fee, but I wasn't aware of the 'added value' features. - Roy A. Mackay

  • It's not often a program makes me laugh -- cry, yes; laugh, no -- but "This is a biggie" did the trick. - Richard Harris

  • I'm a sysop in one of the private forums on CompuServe and have recently bought a Psion 3A. I downloaded your CONVERT program from the Palmtop forum and think it is great. So great that I went to SWREG and registered it. So great that I have uploaded it into the Utilities section of our forum. - Jerry Ree

  • I wish I had had this program years ago! I own a Jet ranger helicopter 206 B, the converter prog is handy. - Zander Williamson

  • continues to get better and better, I didn't think that was possible - it's still one of only two programmes which are indespensable to this duffer. - Mike Lambert

  • Congratulations on a very nicely done bit of software. It's the most useful extra thing, by far, on my Psion! - Pip Eastop

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