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North Sea Hijack.jpeg

North Sea Hijack 1980

Roger Moore as 'ffolkes', eccentric mercenary. I'm Harris, his right hand man. Read the story in my autobiography here


The Pirates of Penzance 1983

Pirate. With Kevin Kline and Linda Ronstadt. This lead to being in the West End show, and playing the Pirate King!

Winter Flight.jpg

Winter Flight 1984

Sean Bean's RAF love rival. He picks my MGB up with a digger and smashes through the wall of our love nest!

Tigers of India.jpg

Man-Eaters of India 1986

Everyone else went to India. We shot this in Wales. I was the only one not crippled with dysentery.


The Four Minute Mile 1988

Race announcer - fluent Finnish!


Year of the Comet 1992

Richard Harwood. william Goldman's only ever flop.


Twelfth Night 1996

First Officer. Directed by Trevor Nunn.

Herr Kaleun6.jpg

Enigma 2001

U-Boat Commander. Directed by Michael Apted.


Deserter 2002

Also called 'Legionnaire' - with Tom Hardy. Sergeant Dumas the recruiting officer. The story of Simon Murray. One night in the Moroccan desert!


101 Dalmations 2 - Patch's London Adventure 2002

Roger, the dogs' owner. Sang a duet in real time from Air Studios to LA!

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair 2004

The German casino owner.


Fast Girls 2012



Redistributors 2016

Rupert. Award winning movie.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016

Witness. "It was like a ghost, with bright shinin' eyes!"

Us and Them cropped.jpg

Us and Them 2017

Now on Netflix. Jack Roth invades my home. A movie for the times.

To Americans, it's the 'Brexit Movie'

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