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With over forty-five years experience of TV and radio commercial voiceovers, here are just some of the companies I've advertised or worked for:

1st Artists Corp., 4 Eyes, Acer Computers, Aer Lingus, Allied Dunbar, American Express, Andrews, Apple Computers, Army Officer, Allied Domecq, Asterix, Audiophone, B&Q, Bacon's Shoes, Barclays Bank, BBC, Bellway Homes, Bernard Matthews, Birmingham Mail., British Home Stores, Biactol, Biffa, BlackHorse, Blood Donors, BMW, Book Tokens, Boys' Brigade, BP, Britannia, British Airways, British Gas, British Midland Airways, British Rail, British Telecom, Brunswick Business Park, BUPA, Callcentre, Caravan Club, Childrens Channel, Chivas Regal, Citibank, Citroen, Cobra Sports, Coca Cola, COI, Colgate, Compaq, Co-op, Cribb's Causeway, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Telegraph, Debenhams, Dept. of Transport, Devon Tourism, DHL, Discovery Channel, Disney, Drink/Drive, Eaglevision, EuroDisney, Eurostar, Evening Standard, Fabbri, Faulds, Ferrero Rocher, Fiat Bravo, Finish, Fimatex, First Direct, Food Giant, Ford, Fosters, Galleria, Gasline, Gateway, Gillette, Golf Tourn., Goodyear, Great British Mobility, Guardian, Guinness, Halifax B.S., Hamlet Cigars, Harvester, History Channel, Hoegarten Beer, Honda, HP Deskjet, Hugo Boss, Hyundai, IBM, ICL, Intel Pentium, Interlink Video, In Touch, ITN News, J.C.Superstar, Jersey European Airways, Johnnie Walker, KFC, KitKat, KP Snips, Latta, Lenscrafters, Levi Jeans, Lloyds Bank, Lombard Tricity, London Radio, London Underground, Longmans, Loot, L'Oreal, Lynx Aftershave, Marks & Spencer, Mars, Marshall-Cavendish, Maxim Magazine, Mazda, McDonalds, Mentadent, Microsoft, Midland Bank, Milka, Mitsubishi, Mobil, Motorfair, Natwest Bank, NEC, Nestle, Nicorette, Nikon, Nintendo, Nissan, Niquitin, Norwich Union, Oil of Ulay, PAL Dog food, PC World, Peoples' Century, Persil, Peugeot, Philishave, Potato Mktg. Bd., Protect Flea Powder, Psygnosis, Quaker Oats, Radion B, Rank Xerox, Reader's Digest, Regaine, Regional Rail, Road Safety, Royal Mail, RNIB, Royal Sovereign, Scottish Office, Sega, Sidmar, Singapore Airlines, Skips, Sky TV, Sounds Direct, St. Ivel, Staples Furniture Stores, Sugar Bureau, Sure Deodorant, Swiss Army, Texaco, The Guardian, The People Bank, The Prudential, The Spectator, The Sun, THF, Thorntons, Top Car, Top Man, Trans World Sport, Trebor Fruits, TSB, TVAM, TV Licence, Twix, UN, Viacal, Vicks, Victoria Wine, Volkswagen, W.H.Smith, Whiskas, Woolworth, WPA Dental.

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