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Hard Disc Mirrors

The world runs on computers. Everything depends on them.

These small reflelctive discs are the same as the billions around the world that store all our digital data.

When I first opened one up, like prising open a barnacled oyster, I found a pearl inside, a reflection of the real world in a mirror.

I find it strangely satisfying that a looking glass also contains my entire digital history. The frames are old family ones that have been in an attic for generations.

The large square framed one is called 'My Documents 1989-2022' because I always copied everything to a new computer before throwing the old one away. The others are corrupted discs from elsewhere, but all of them have been used to store information, art, music, films, letters, and programs that run the world.

In 2022 I exhibited them at the Parallax Art Fair in London.

I also do bespoke work. Send me your old discs and I'll make you a mirror that contains your digital world in your reflection.

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