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for Foreign Film Dubbing

As an actor I've been doing dubbing and ADR for over forty years, but recently I've been doing a lot of work on the other side of the glass. For the last three years I've been working with Max Hoskins at Reelsound Ltd. as an adaptor, translator and director on Amazon productions, with 12 credits to my name. 

 I've directed two of the productions with Max, and been assistant director on all of them. I have a great rapport with my fellow actors and know how to bring out their best performances. My experience means I have a very good eye for sync, and I delight in the mixture of technical accuracy combined with natural performance.

I have A levels in French and German and O level Italian. I also use an AI based translator, DeepL Translate, so have now produced translations/adaptions for films/TV in French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Polish.


Bihter - (Turkish film) - Adaption/ Translation/ Direction

Take a Chance - (Dutch documentary) - Adaption/ Translation

Lewandowski (Polish documentary) - Adaption/ Translation

Heaven in Hell (Polish movie) - Adaption/ Translation

BDE - Fraternity (French film) - Adaption/ Translation

Una Gran Voglia di Vivere - Lust for Life (Italian movie) - Adaption/ Translation

Federica Pellegrini - Underwater (Italian documentary) - Adaption/ Translation

Ruyanda Gorursun - In Your Dreams (Turkish movie) - Adaption/ Translation

Sin Limites - Boundless (Spanish movie) -Adaption/ Translation

El Internado - The Boarding School (Spanish TV Series)- Adaption/ Translation

Je Te Veux, Moi Non Plus - I Don't Love You Either (French movie) - Adaption/ Translation

Brutus vs César (French movie) - Adaption/ Translation /Direction and Casting

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