Lockdown work

I've had a home recording studio for many years now, so I was a bit ahead of the game when everything shut down. Here's some of the stuff I've done since March 2020.

Acoustically dead and soundproof room. SE2200A mike, Pro Tools 12, Macbook Air, Ethernet connection, Virgin fibre super fast broadband, over 100 Mbps. Clean Feed, Source Connect, Zoom, ipDTL. Experienced programmer, website designer and PT editor.

Motorist on phoneTim Bentinck
00:00 / 02:25

This is a test for a computer game. Funny script. An English motorist breaks down on Watt street, Ware, Oregon. I'm both characters.

A Suffolk ManTim Bentinck
00:00 / 02:26

For the INK Festival, a 2 minute duologue by Tom Pauk, between an old Suffolk man, and his Polish friend. Again both me! Radio Suffolk 4/9/20

CyclingTim Bentinck
00:00 / 02:47

Another one for INK. A monologue by Matt Marvel.

Martin AmisTim Bentinck
00:00 / 02:03

This was a test for a TV called Soulmates. And they used it! Love being Martin Amis.

John Betjeman testTim Bentinck
00:00 / 01:38

A test for John Betjeman in The Crown. Got the part. The last thing you hear in Series 4 as Her Maj heads of in the carriage for her Jubilee

Listerine VO testTim Bentinck
00:00 / 00:51

...to the ridiculous, hey gotta pay the rent.A test. Didn't get it.

Pathe newsreaderTim Bentinck
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I do a lot of newsreaders, for The Crown, Downton, movies and TV series, like these. Here's an example of the Cholmoney-Warner version.

And here's a short story I wrote called The Nail that Bent read by the marvellous Wayne Forester. I would have read it, but it's a Welsh story, and Wayne gives the story complete authenticity.

More Specific by Toby Laurence

A funny short sketch about a man whose kitchen has been delivered to the wrong house. Me and Katie Redford.

I was asked to read a short story by Saki, called Cousin Theresa. Funny story.

Now I'm an old git, I get asked to help aspiring actors, which I'm happy to do. Here's me answering questions from students at Stagecoach.

Audio Dramas

Alfie in Doctor Who - Ghosts for Big Finish

Commissioner Simmons in Space 1999 for Big Finish. 2 eps.

Carstairs and Johnson in The Avengers - How Does Your Garden Grow for Big Finish

The Inspector in The Box of Delights  for Audible.

Zoom plays

Prince Charles in Charles III by Mike Bartlett

S. African big game hunter in Margate Mystery Murders.

Victor Llewellyn, Welsh magician, in Funny Turns by David Hampshire

85 yr old white Kenyan Henry in Savages by Peter Popham 

The Archers

4 eps of David Archer monologue

12 eps back in studio

4 eps recording from home


The Z Murders by J Jefferson Farjeon. 256 pages

Developing China by Michael J Enright. 260 pages

Clearing the Air by Tim Smedley. 308 pages

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories by Jan-Willem Prooijen. 94 pages

Slow Road to San Francisco by David Reynolds. 412 pages

The Unwanted Dead by Chris Lloyd. 443 pages


The Great


The Third Day


The Crown



The Spanish Princess

The One

His Dark Materials

The Watch

North Water

Call the Midwife

The Northman


Capitan Santiago Aguirre in Alta Mar

Arsene Wenger voice-under in Anelka

Various parts Hache Season 2

Spartacus in Brutus vs Caesar


BT Corporate

HBGP – Hemophilia B Graduate Program

Cbeebies promos x 4

Computer Games

Project Oslo for Pitstop Productions

YAGA DLC for OM London

Wolcen Dragons for OM London

Tropico 6 for OM London

Summerford for OM London

Vermintide 2 for OM London - more Victor Saltzpyre!


Government spokesman in What Matters with Jane Asher

Artemis in Wild Boars


The Nevers for HBO. Director Jos Whedon.

General Pecking 5 eps.

Gentleman Jack for HBO/BBC. Director Fergus O'Brien

Colonel Deardon 1 ep.

Brutus vs César


My first production!


In October Max Hoskins asked me to translate, spot, cast and direct the dub for a very funny French film called Brutus vs César. 

This was the feedback from the sound editor, Gareth Bull of Technicolor.

"Having worked on foreign language versioning for 25 years, I can honestly say that this is an absolute masterpiece. Tim, wow! The voice casting and performances are wonderful. Subtle, clever, engaging and funny! I think they’ll be absolutely delighted."

I love this job!

Here's the trailer of the French version.

Jay Benedict

In April, my very dear friend Jay Benedict died from this bloody virus.

This is the song I wrote for him, "Whisperin' Rock 'n Roll"

 A song for my dear departed friend Jay Benedict

The Play of Light

Another wonderful monologue from Tom Pauk. Jasper Cavendish-Browne gives a talk about Goya's painting '3 May 1808' but reveals more about his own tragic life.

The Play of LightTim Bentinck
00:00 / 11:23

Kenneth Wolstenholme

This was my test tape to be the voice of the 1966 World Cup final in 'Call the Midwife'. Got the part!

Kenneth WolstenholmeTim Bentinck
00:00 / 01:43

Country Living interview

Apart from spelling my name wrong, a nice piece in Country Living, with a video interview in this online version:

Reading for INK Festival

1. Corinthians 13. A message of love for Valentine's Day.

Funny Turns

Online reading of a play by David Hampshire. In support of the Jermyn Street Theatre. Introduction by Joanna Lumley.

My first Welsh part since school!


Fun chat with Debbie Arnold and chums!

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