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Psion Programming

I bought a Psion 3 in 1992, and it came with a programming manual, and I was curious, so I typed in the code for a basic conversion function, yards to metres. It was the beginning of a joyfully creative period of writing computer code that was useful and entertaining. Over about a year I created a complex and sophisticated piece of entirely original software that became, for a while, the highest selling shareware program on the then new thing called the Internet. One of the reasons it got noticed is that I combined being an actor with being a programmer - anticipating the user's wishes and habits and making them laugh when they went wrong.

New technology overtook the Psion, but I used my Revo for the diary until the iPhone finally usurped it. Of course I should have written an app that did the same thing and now be the CEO of a major software company - but I didn't!

It was my obsession for a while, then it ended and I never got round to updating the page. So here it is, preserved in all its nineties glory. Just click on the image.

Conversion Calculator Demo
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