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Writing - Summary

It all started with the Amstrad PCW. I was inspired by the new power of being able to print out something that looked professional within seconds of thinking about it, of being able to delete rather than cross out, thus being denied the temptation of re-inserting it, of using keyboard shortcuts for layouts and names in a script. I only started writing properly when I got a computer. What does that say about my school, university and my handwriting?

My autobiography, Being David Archer - And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living was published in October 2017.
See the dedicated website

My children's book, Colin The Campervan came out in 2015. The sequel, Colin And The Field of Lost Names is due to be published soon.
More details on my books page and Colin's Facebook page.

In 2015 I was asked to translate an erotic novel from French to English. Oh Lord! is a saucy tale about the english aristocracy by Laure Elisac. You can get it here

Older readers may remember the strange books by Ormonde de Kay, N'Heurres Souris Rames and Mots d'Heurres: Gousses, Rames. French poems that when read aloud sounded like nursery rhymes. With my friend Albert Welling, we updated the idea to sound like modern pop songs. Entitled Avant Garde a Clue you can find it here.


Here's an example. What Beatles song is this?

Et joues deux

Dans mais quitte bas de

Thé que ça de sang

Animée quitte bête heur

Rime mème beurre

Toilette heur y ne tout Euro arte

Seine y ou Cannes ce tarte

Tout mais quitte bête heur

I've also written loads of travel articles for the Mail on Sunday. See here. Also articles and plays and I'm halfway through a novel called Not Normal for Norfolk!

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