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Actor - Television

Lucy Aston, Julian Glover and Tim posing in costume in front of the castle

By The Sword Divided 1983/4

It all started with long hair, a gold earring and a sword around my waist. I thought it would always be like this.

Tim, Lise Ann McLaughlin and Brett Fancy

Square Deal 1984

I was Nigel Barrington, bastard estate agent, married to gorgeous Emma, Lise Ann McLaughlin, and very annoyed by next door neighbour Sean - Brett Fancy.

Boon poster with photo of Michael Elphick

Boon 1987

Bastard property developer.

Tim as barman George with black eye

Three Up Two Down 1989

George. Pub landlord.

Louisa Rix, Tim and Moira Brooker

Made in Heaven 1990

Loisa Rix and I ran a wedding agency, with Moira Brooker. Four episodes with well known guest stars and two weddings per ep.

Tim as Captain Murray covered in blood

Sharpe's Rifles 1993

Episode 1. Captain Murray. Epic adventures in the Crimea, mortally wounded in cavalry charge. Deathbed scene with Sean Bean. Bliss!


Faith in the Future 1995

Lynda Bellingham's temporary love interest!

Tim as David Balfour

Crime Story 1993

The White House Farm Murders. The story of Jeremy Bamber. I played his cousin David Boutflour.


Grange Hill 1995-1997

17 episodes as Greg Mitchell. Wife has died of AIDS. He thinks she was having an affair. Turns out it was a blood transfusion in the US. All about his relationship with his daughter. Some lovely scenes. Londoner.

Cast photo of Prince Among Men

A Prince Among Men 1997-8

12 episodes as Mark Fitzherbert, Chris Barrie's lawyer. Great fun but never really took off.


Casualty 1997

Mac McDermott in "A Taste of Freedom". The last person in a ten minute take involving the whole cast. Serious pressure. It was take 15 before they got to me. Nailed it!

Poster of The Bill

The Bill 1998

Andy Greene in "Sudden Death". The only thing I remember is that I found I was missing an entire page of the script, just as we were lining up to shoot. A lot of 'referring to my notes' acting!


Strike Force 1995

Wing Commander Raikes - "awesome in the air". Two weeks at RAF Leeming. 555 Squadron, saluted by the real pilots and got to land a Tornado simulator.

A very good reason for becoming an actor.

Photo of Tim as the evil Count Frederick

The New Adventures of Robin Hood 1998

I was the evil Count Frederick. Panto for TV but a fun week in Lithuania.


The Gathering Storm

The Duke of Marlborough fixes Churchill with an encouraging stare down the ages. With Albert Finney.

Armando priest guitar.jpg

The Armando Iannucci Shows 2001

Four episodes of sheer genius. My favourite was playing the priest whose congregation fell in love with him. Also the boss of the office party - with only one member of staff. 


Born and Bred 2003

Hans Gothard. German WWII veteran, comes to the Dales to pay tribute to the friend he made in the war - and kill himself.

Murder in Suburbia.jpg

Murder in Suburbia 2004

"Sanctuary". Nick Chichester, grieving widower.

Shadow Play.jpg

Shadow Play 2004

Uncle Augustus. 4 episodes. Children's series filmed in Norfolk. 


D-Day 2004

General Leutnant Speidel. Rommel's number 1. Filmed at Chateau de la Roche Guyon, where the actual German High Command was stationed. With Albert Welling as Rommel.


Frances Tuesday 2004

Plastic surgeon, gave Tamzin Outhwaite a new face!

Silent Witness.jpg

Silent Witness 2005

Dodgy pharmaceuticals importer.

I do love being dodgy geezers!


Absolute Power 2005

Jonathan Crossman. They couldn't get Paxman, so I gave a very close impression. with Stephen Fry and John Bird.

Broken News.jpg

Broken News 2005

Surreal series about television news. Getting good at pretending to read an autocue.


The Thick of It 2005

Cliff Lawton Series 1, Episode 1, first 15 minutes. I get sacked by Capaldi before the opening credits, but I'm now on Netflix!


Heartbeat 2006

"Runners and Riders". A bit close to David Archer this one!


Doctors 2006 - 8 eps

Dr. Ferdy Clark. 

The fastest filming in the business. Take one or else!

Lead Balloon.JPG

Lead Balloon 2008

Jacob Langley. When I told Nicholas Parsons about this, he panicked, thinking they'd replaced him!

With Jack Dee.


Twenty Twelve 2012

I was such a fan - and then I was in it! Two wonderful episodes with the best in the business. Hugh Bonneville et al. Pure bliss!


Kingdom 2009

With Jack Dee again, and Stephen Fry. First time I'd had to age up!

Royal Bodyguard.jpg

The Royal Bodyguard 2011-12

Six episodes. Sir David Jason's 'return to comedy after 10 years'. With the brilliant Geoffrey Whitehead. Fame beckoned at last!

Sank without trace. Back to the drawing board!


Lucan 2013

Ludovic Kennedy. Not a bad look alike job!


The Politician's Husband 2013

3 episodes with David Tennant. Slimy politician Freddy Seaborn.


Dracula 2013

Colonel Ogilvy. Garroted in Budapest. Basically what you join up for!


East Enders 2013- 3 eps

Norman Pike. Solicitor. From Ambridge to Walford!


Gangsta Granny 2013

Chief Inspector. My first policeman.


The Game 2014

The Home Secretary, who turns out to be the spy they were looking for the whole series!


Reg 2016

Frederick Forsyth, helping Tim Roth's Reg Keys campaign against Tony Blair in Sedgeworth.


Rillington Place 2016

Tim Roth again. This time as Christie's doctor, Dr Odess.


The Last Post 2017

President Brigadier Alan Slater. According to old chum Miles richardson, who knows about these things, every single aspect of my uniform was wrong. 

A week in Cape Town though!

The Monk.jpg

Doctor Who 2017

Okay so I was only the voice, but I played a Time Lord! Ticked that one off the list.


Quacks 2017

Dr King. Whiskers - and irregular bowels.


Doctor who - Shada 2017

Yes, I was only Tom's body double, but you can't turn that down can you?!

Crown Court.jpg

Judge Rinder's Crown Court 2017

Eddie Hall - father of murder victim.

East Enders.JPG

East Enders 2019

Prosecuting barrister in rape trial.

General Pecking in The Nevers.jpeg

The Nevers 2020

General Pecking, one of the Illuminati.


Flack 2020

Seedy politician Jeremy gets caught stark naked in raid on brothel. Starring Anna Paquin.


Gentleman Jack 2021

Colonel Dearden, Yorkshire industrialist.

Ted Lasso.jpeg

Ted Lasso 2022

Mr Gillman. Director of Chelsea Football Club

The Reckoning.jpeg

The Reckoning 2023

BBC lawyer interrogating Jimmy Savile

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