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Game Shows

Bluff card.jpg

Call My Bluff 1997

Sadly I have no pictures of this, I was on Sandi Toksvig's team with Sharron Davies. Ken Bruce and A.N. Other were on Alan Coren's team.

Henry Sandon.jpg

Hidden Treasures 1999

BBC Radio 4 antiques quiz show, with Henry Sandon, hosted by Lars Tharp.

UC Official 1.jpg

University Challenge 2004

The Actors team vs Soroptomists. We won! Some gamesmanship from Collingwood and some lucky guesses from me. We all agreed we knew nothing about classical music, so if anything came up we'd say 'Beethoven' or 'Mozart'. Have a look at the first question... here.


Eggheads 2012

Well we didn't win, I blame Collingwood, but I did beat Judith Keppel head to head on science. Revenge for my ancestor being ousted from William III's favour by her ancestor!

mastermind_wide_cropped 2.jpg

Mastermind 2012

I won!

Specialist subject 'AA Milne and Winnie The Pooh'

All correct and no passes!


Pointless Celebrities 2013

With Kellie Bright. We won the trophy, but not the money.

Boo but hey, we beat Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell and the UK's tallest man and woman!


Did it again with Jenni Murray in 2014 and Felicity Finch in 2019. Out first round both times!

University Challenge UEA v

University Challenge 2015

UEA Alumni vs Manchester Alumni. Lesson of this - quit while you're ahead. We were thrashed!

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