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The Happiest Days of Your Life
Won first prize out of over 2000 entries in a competition for "New Radio". Broadcast on R4 Oct '99.

Happiest Days of Your Life

The Viagrans
A radio play about what happens inside the body when a 65-yr-old man takes a tab of Viagra. Starring Stephen Fry as Brain. Shortlisted for Friday night R4 drama slot. Yet to be broadcast. "So much funnier than it ought to be." (Stephen Fry)

The Viagrans

Round and Round
A radio play based on a number of separate real events, notably my son Jasper being born with Listeria Meningitis when I was away shooting a TV commercial for ice-cream in Kenya. Awaiting commission.

Alternative Practice
A pilot episode for a sitcom about an alternative therapy practice. Awaiting commission.

A stage play exploring the difference between what one says and what one thinks. Experimental recording using Binaural microphones.

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