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Website Design

Writing a website is like making a bespoke suit, no two clients want the same. I like to design the site to reflect the nature of the subject.

I started this website in 1998. Since then I've written loads of them for friends, graduating onto professional sites for big companies.


These days creating a website is a doddle, so my days of writing HTML are over, and Wix or SquareSpace makes life very much easier.


Here are my latest ones. Click to go to site.

The companion site to my autobiography

Being David Archer website

The wonderful hats of Judy Bentinck - bespoke London milliner extraordinaire!

Judy Bentinck website

Learn how to make beautiful hats with Judy Bentinck.

Judy Bentinck's Millinery Courses

Denville Hall. Care home for the entertainment profession.

Denville Hall website

A memorial site for my father Henry.


My sister Anna. Best audiobook narrator in the business.

Anna Bentinck Website
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