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Dubbing Production

In October 2020 Max Hoskins asked me to translate, spot, cast and direct the dub for a very funny French film called Brutus vs César. 

This was the feedback from the sound editor, Gareth Bull of Technicolor.

"Having worked on foreign language versioning for 25 years, I can honestly say that this is an absolute masterpiece. Tim, wow! The voice casting and performances are wonderful. Subtle, clever, engaging and funny! I think they’ll be absolutely delighted."

I love this job!

Here's the trailer of the French version.

This year I translated and spotted another French film. This one was much more difficult as it was all in the French back-slang called Verlan. With the help of my wonderful French friend Laurence Casile (she of the erotic novel 'Oh Lord!' that I also translated) and some wonderful performances from the English actors, we probably made it a better film. In French it is called 'Je Te Veux, Moi Non Plus'. We titled it 'She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not'.

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