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Showreel 2019

Ribena Commercial

1962 - I started young!

The Pride of Wade Ellison

2010 Trailer for my first Western (well actually, just my bits!)

Cliff Lawton in "The Thick of It"

BBC 4 May 19th 2005 Multiple award winning comedy series by Armando Iannucci.

Spinners & Losers. Cliff Lawton in "The Thick of It"

"I'm Back!"

Generalleutnant Speidel in "D-Day"

BBC1 June 6th 2004 Speaking German with sub-titles.

Ben Black in "Broken News"

6 eps Dec 2005 Spoof news programs. Radio Times said, "Unmissable"

Guy Williams in "Silent Witness"

BBC1 Aug 15,16 2005 Two episodes playing a dodgy pharmaceuticals importer.

Dr Gilligan in "Frances Tuesday"

2004 Plastic surgeon who changes Tamsin Outhwaite's face.

Jeremy Crossman in "Absolute Power"

2005 Second series with Stephen Fry and John Bird.

Captain of Actors' "University Challenge" Team

BBC2 July 5th 2004 We won!

Nick Chichester in "Murder in Suburbia"

2004 Bereaved husband and murder suspect

Hans Gothard in "Born & Bred"

2003 Old German soldier comes to England for closure

"The Armando Iannucci Shows"

2003 Various parts, Catholic priest, Mayor of York, MD at office party of firm with only one employee.

Roger in "101 Dalmations Part 2, Patch's Adventure In London"

Sang a harmony duet in real time with my 'wife' who was down the line in California. Went to the premiere in LA!


2008 Ten minute 'mocumentary' charting the life of Dorset man Don Dyker.

"Dracula "

2013 Garotted in Budapest!

The Duke of Marlborough in "The Gathering Storm"

2002 Award winning TV film with Albert Finney as Churchill and Vanessa Redgrave as Clementine.

"Enigma" U-Boat Commander

2001 Note the dark goggles on the conning tower at night!

Glen Mitchell in "Grange Hill"

2001 Wife dies of Aids - copes with shame (blood transfusion as it turns out) and daughter. 14 eps.

Wng Cmdr Raikes in "Strike Force"

1995 "Raikes - awesome in the air". A pilot episode for a series about RAF Tornado pilots. I'm the boss.

Three sword duels from "By The Sword Divided"

1982 Three classic swordfights from the BBC series about the English Civil War, broadcast in 1982/3. I'm Tom Lacey, the Cavalier hero. Fights choreographed by Malcolm Ranson

Showreel 2016

Showreel 2012

Showreel 2009

Showreel 1994

This is the one minute teaser at the beginning of my 1994 showreel. Edited it at night at LWT with my old chum Rena. Now that was fun!

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