The Prophet lines
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The Prophet lines


The greatest thing in this life and the hereafter is the spreading of peace in the world. All the Prophets and their successors were sent here with this goal. I am the last of the Prophets and my successors will come through my daughter Fatima… The Lady of Heaven. She is a part of me. Whoever hurts her, has hurt me.


O my Lord! They are the most beloved to me, so love and protect them and bring their hearts together in harmony. Oh Lord! Make them and their descendants the inheritors of Paradise. Bestow upon them a pure, blessed and benevolent progeny, whom you make leaders, guiding by your command.

Greetings Ali and Fatima, you look like two stars shining in the night sky. 

Ali, you have the most blessed of wives. Fatima, you have the greatest of husbands.

I seek refuge in you my Lord from Satan, for her and for her descendants.


My Lord has revealed: Do not weaken, and nor should you grieve, through this you shall be superior if you are true believers. If a wound has touched you, then know that a wound similar to it has touched the opposing people. That is how the Lord may purify the believers. Do you see that you will enter into Paradise, while the Lord has not made evident those who fight in His cause and those who are steadfast? 

I Muhammad am but a messenger. Before me, other Messengers have come and gone. If I was to die or be killed, how easily would you lose your faith?


My lord, this is my household, their flesh is my flesh and their blood is my blood. Whatever hurts and saddens them, hurts and saddens me.

They are a part of me and I am a part of them. So allow your blessings to descend upon them and keep them pure through a perfect purification.


(Speech to hundreds)

My Lord informed me that he will call me to him shortly.

I will leave behind for you just two things, and they will both give you guidance in the future. The book of God, and my blessed family.

Ali will be leader after me. My Lord guided me to appoint him as my successor.  

God has blessed me with his light, and this light will continue on, through the twelve legitimate leaders after me, descended from my line through my daughter Fatima. Ali is the Chosen. He is the first, and the Mahdi is the last.  

Those who follow me as their leader, will take Ali, in my place.


No, let them be. I have been sent as mercy to this world. I will not have it said that Muhammad is a killer of his companions.


My time is near, and afterwards you will all face many trials. But you, my lovely Fatima, you are destined to endure the most.  


They will gather in their oppression of you. 

Sanctity will be violated.  

Be patient, my brother.  

I know you will be denounced, I know you will be challenged, but whatever happens, be patient.


Allah Akbar. Beware, I fear some of you are drowning, in your dissension against God. Do not split like the Tribes of Israel. Follow The Book of God and my Household.

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