Lady Fatima lines
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Lady Fatima lines


Smiling in the face of an enemy will save you from hellfire. Smiling in the face of an ally will allow you into heaven.


We should distribute it amongst the poor. God gives me everything I need. I learned from my father that generosity is a tree in heaven - its branches reach out across our world.  



Are you trying to scare me with this party of the devil?  


I have no respect for you, and I will not summon Ali for you.  


You would burn the daughter of your Prophet? And her children? You seek to end the line of The Prophet and extinguish the light of God? 

O my father! O Messenger of God! Look at what is happening to us at the hands of Abu Bakr and Omar.  


All praise be to God who lets his word reach the hearts of the people. He created justice to allow our hearts to come together in harmony. He saved you through my father Muhammad and my husband Ali.  


Now, with my father no longer here to lead us... The evil is with those who will extinguish the light of truth... They will return us to a time of ignorance. This new path of complicity and oppression has been set out... If you continue this way, then blood will be shed between all of you.  

My brave Ali. When I go, no-one, not Abu Bakr, not Omar, no-one must know where I lie.


O Ever-Living God. Please, help your servant. Welcome me into heaven and reunite me with my father. 

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