Imam Ali lines
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Imam Ali lines

My prophet... my Prophet... you know... my heart is devoted to you and your message... I have never abandoned you in...


We are people who are happy with what God has given us. We take pride in our actions and not in our wealth. 


Prove this to me. Come back tomorrow with your heads shaved. 

If you cannot even shave your heads, how could you face mountains of steel? There is nothing for you here.  

I have been occupied because I have been attending to the orders of The Prophet.  


I have been compiling the Holy Quran...  


Every verse and its explanation… This was the last order of our Prophet.  


So you have rejected this Quran as you have rejected us, the Household of The Prophet.  


The path of darkness has been chosen, the whole world will become dark. But drink from the water you know to be pure and Islam will be illuminated for you. 


No swords. No bloodshed.


The Prophet did not appoint Abu Bakr as his successor. I will not pay allegiance to him.


If The Prophet did not command me to be patient and resign to the will of God, you would have never dared to enter my house.


Did you not pay allegiance to me at Ghadeer by the orders of The Prophet?  

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